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  1. 42%off
    Abrand A 94 High Slim Walk Away
    $70 Regular Price $119.95
  2. 33%off
    Abrand A 94 High Straight Ellie
    $100 Regular Price $149.95
  3. 37%off
    Abrand A 95 Baggy Jean Spaced Black
    $100 Regular Price $159.95
  4. 33%off
  5. 36%off
    Abrand A 94 High Straight Brooklyn
    $90 Regular Price $139.95
  6. 29%off
    Abrand A 99 Low Straight
    $100 Regular Price $139.95
  7. 23%off
    Abrand A 99 Low Boot Ariane
    $100 Regular Price $129.95

Looking for a stylish and affordable denim brand? Look no further than Abrand Jeans, the Australian denim brand that has been offering quality and affordability since 2013. At Universal Store, we are proud to stock a wide range of Abrand Jeans, including their signature 94 High Slim and low-rise jeans for both men and women.

For those looking for a shorter style, Abrand Jeans also offers a variety of denim shorts that are perfect for warmer weather. And for those who struggle to find the perfect fit, Abrand Jeans also offers a selection of petite styles.

But Abrand Jeans is more than just a denim brand - they are also committed to sustainability. From using environmentally friendly materials to ethical manufacturing practices, Abrand Jeans is dedicated to minimising their impact on the environment.

So whether you're looking for a classic pair of jeans or a stylish pair of denim shorts, Abrand Jeans has everything you need to elevate your denim game. Check out our collection of Abrand Jeans on our Universal Store website today and find your new favourite pair of jeans.