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Take a bite with Maddy Jane and Pinkish Blu

The first Snack Chat of 2020 had to be special, so the crew at Universal Store put Maddy Jane, a local indie pop/rock artist, on the couch with emerging sad-pop band, Pinkish Blu. Despite a leaky tomato, the vegan toasties were a hit while they took turns interviewing each other. Delving into some spicy secrets you'd only find out from lunch with mates, as well as dropping announcements for the year ahead – tours, albums releases and more!

Get your sandwich press going, slice up that toasty and take a bite with Maddy Jane and Pinkish Blu!

Maddy Jane & Pinkish Blu

About Maddy Jane

Maddy Jane

Maddy Jane is an independent singer-songwriter from Tasmania.

Catchy and truthful, Maddy's unique brand of indie pop/rock has resonated in Australia, with plenty of airplay on triple j for her acclaimed EP 'Not Human At All', sold out headline shows, and huge arena supports for the likes of Harry Styles and Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

After two years of heavy touring, Maddy bunkered down in the studio and recorded her debut full-length album. Leading single 'Something Old And Something New' in August 2019 and is soon to announce her second Album coming out in February 2020. "It's about human interaction and the ironies of how we all treat each other. Nothing in it is sugar coated", said Maddy.

About Pinkish Blu

Pinkish Blu

As Triple J unearthed winners, Pinkish Blu opened Groovin the Moo 2019 and backed it up with their third single launch 'Superstar'. An instrumentally rich song layered with hazy guitar and echoing percussion.

Labelled as a sad-pop, feelsy four piece, Brice, Ricky, Sebastian and Luke make up the Adelaide based band established in 2017. With music generally inspired by the 80's/90's it's no wonder they are inspired by basically any old rom com, but particularly the ones with Rachel McAdams.

The guys had a busy 2019 and are going to back it up with an even busier 2020, ramping up their presence in the music scene announcing a tour with Egoism and a sneaky hint at an album launch! (fingers crossed it's soon).

Snack Chat W/ Genesis Owusu & Kymie

With Genesis and Kymie already in the studio for the Tommy Jeans campaign, we decided to throw them into the Snack Chat seats for some lunch and a tasty bite to eat. Covering everything from Stevie Wonder, dream collabs (Oreos!), dabbling in sculpture, and being a karaoke n00b, Genesis and Kymie chat out where they’re at and where they’re heading while enjoying a tasty Vietnamese bún.

Geneis & Kymie

Snack Chat W/ Yours Truly

Fresh from their first headlining Australian tour, Sydney pop-punk quartet Yours Truly devoured cheese fries and tacos for our latest Snack Chat.

Speaking on their UK shows, a new-found obsession with Lime Scooters (or their apparent unavailability at least), and how Zuckerberg played a part in their formation, Mikaila – vocals, Lachlan – guitar, Teddie – guitar and Brad – drums are currently in the midst of their biggest year yet.

Yours Truly

Armed with their latest EP Afterglow, Yours Truly are bound for the US before returning to our shores for national festival Good Things which is loaded with a huuuuuge lineup. From being signed to UNFD, taking the After Glow tour through the UK and playing Download Festival, to securing a spot at Chicago’s Riot Fest and finishing their first Australian tour, Yours Truly’s adventure is only just ramping up.

Snack Chat W/ FeelsClub

We’re kicking off our Snack Chat series once again with Brisbane’s trash-pop six piece FeelsClub, who gave us tips on what not to do on tour, opening dialogue around mental health, and a Seinfeld secret talent.

Having six electric and energetic trash-pop pals who bounce off one another take over our studio for the afternoon was definitely a vibe. Between bites of their banh mi’s, Brisbane based FeelsClub made up of St Jonnie – vocals, Mika – vocals and ableton, Liam – guitar and keys, Leith – bass and keys, Maxwell – drums, and James – vocals and keys – indulged us with tour stories, high kill counts, EP planning and where their creative inspiration comes from – read more on the blog.


Snack Chat W/ Voiid

Hot on the heels of their newest release ‘Twin’, we delivered a bunch of hot chippies and Philly Cheese Steaks to Brisbane/GC bedroom-punk band VOIID. For our second instalment of Snackchat, we discussed how they work together and their musical foundations among, uh, other things…

In between the drum crashes and catchy choruses, VOIID have forged one helluva collaborative friendship that feeds into all facets of the bands’ presence. Drawing inspiration from all the same influences and sharing similar creative direction, means their writing process comes naturally as Kate usually kicks things off with a guitar part or a quick lyric. They punch out songs like ‘Silly Girl‘ – an honest track about the real bummers of dealing with mean girls, to their latest release ‘Twin’, about non-conformity and having the confidence to be yourself – music that screams what they collectively care about. – read more on the blog.

Snack Chat W/ Kwame & Mel Bailey

Armed with a strong history beneath their belts, we loaded up Kwame and Mel with ‘the best pepperoni pizza ever’ to have a quick pow-wow for the latest drop of Champion at Universal Store.

To showcase Champion in Universal Store’s, Kwame and Mel Bailey delivered a blissfully smooth shoot, proving that they embody the Champion brand effortlessly. We knew we were onto a good thing when Kwame declared this was one of the best pepperoni’s he has ever had (if you want the pepperoni tip, enquire within), they then gave us the 101 on their friendship, and how their working relationship began. – read more on the blog.