We're Proud
of You

This year we are shaking things up. We want to focus on what’s got us through in 2020, by celebrating a message of positivity and resilience. Meet our campaign heroes as they share stories of self and personal identity. The campaign will explore how they’ve managed to maintain a sense of pride, throughout a year that has taken so much away from us.

Young woman, student and Instagram style icon. WE’RE PROUD of her sense of self and confidence.

Siblings giving voices and independence to those with disabilities. WE’RE PROUD they demonstrate the depth of our youth today, through their work in the disability sector.

An advocate for alopecia, living her truth and inspiring others. WE’RE PROUD of the way she shows self-love.

African-American Aboriginal creative, spreading love through his art. WE’RE PROUD that he uses his music as a language of love for others.

"There's not a lot that we can do by ourselves, but there's a lot we can do together." - Samantha

Ambassador for Friedreichs Ataxia Research Association and Young Care and defying all odds. WE’RE PROUD of the work she puts into helping others.

Superstar artist encouraging gay women to own their masculinity and individuality. WE’RE PROUD of the love she radiates and for owning her identity.

Founder of Everi and challenging the status quo. WE’RE PROUD that she chooses to represent inclusivity and diversity.

Young Australian of the Year for Far North QLD and community role model for indigenous youth. WE’RE PROUD of his commitment to his community.

We're Proud of You