Universal Store CCTV Policy


Universal Store uses CCTV camera systems provided by RetailNext and ADT in select stores for the purpose of:
  • Loss Prevention.
  • Measurement of Customer Traffic Patterns.
  • To provide a safe environment for staff and customers.

All Universal Store locations utilising CCTV contain signage at the front of the store to notify the public of the presence and usage of cameras. By entering a Universal Store with CCTV cameras you agree to Universal Store's CCTV policy, privacy policy and the relevant policies of Universal Store's CCTV providers, RetailNext and ADT.


Universal Store utilises a multi-functional CCTV system provided by RetailNext and ADT. Depending on the system used in an individual store, these systems may provide intelligence and analysis to Universal Store of Customer Traffic (People Counting and Traffic Patterns). The information captured and processed by these systems allow Universal Store to provide better services to our customers, improve our store design and measure the effectiveness of marketing activities. These systems double as Loss Prevention (Security) Cameras and the footage is stored on a secure server .

Data Storage

The information captured by Universal Store's CCTV cameras is stored and processed by either RetailNext, or on an ADT provided server. In RetailNext's hosted systems, personal data is retained for maximum of 2.5 years. For more information on storage, processing and security of information by RetailNext please see these relevant pages.
RetailNext Privacy Policy: http://retailnext.net/policies/privacy-policy/
Opt-out website: http://retailnext.net/policies/privacy-policy/
Questions or concerns: privacy-inquiries@retailnext.net
In stores where ADT is providing the services, the footage is stored locally on a sever, accessible via remote secure connection over the internet.

Disclosure of Information

The information and aggregate, depersonalised data captured by Universal Store's CCTV camera system may be disclosed to other service providers used by Universal Store when relevant to the daily running of the business (such as Customer Relationship Management Tools, Marketing Platforms, Business Intelligence and Analytics, Workforce Management or Loss Prevention). Universal Store will never disclosed or sell this data to any third parties not contracted by Universal Store with the exception of Law Enforcement Agencies in the event that the information captured is to be used as part of an investigation.

Privacy Policy

All information captured by Universal Store's CCTV cameras is subject to Universal Store's Privacy Policy

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